Tasting everything at Oxalis: No Sharing

Sharing plates can be fun, but troubling. Yes, you get to taste everything, but how do you divide three perfect little tacos by four? Did you take too much of the rutabaga?

The beets with marjoram. This, we shared

There are no worries at Oxalis, the new Prospect Heights restaurant that has a very fairly priced 6 course tasting menu: $60. There’s also a $35 beverage pairing, but you can order cocktails, bottles of wine, or interesting non alcoholic drinks. But if you sit in the dining room, you commit to the tasting menu. At the rear bar, you can order a la carte.

First course

Actually, we did have to share one item, the beets with marjoram. But we had two bowls of it, for four of us, so we each got a delicious beet to dip into an ethereal sauce. A fork would have been useful.

Crispy bites of potato, with bay leaf and nori

Beverage pairing

Our friends opted for the beverage pairing, starting with a rhubarb spritz, followed by cider, four delicious wines, and a sparkling rose. It’s a good deal, too. Each glass is about half a serving. I had a perfect Negroni, and my husband had a Manhattan where cassis sat in for the usual bitters. It didn’t make the drink too sweet, though; it was well balanced and exceptionally cold.

Whetting the appetite

With the beets, we had a second small dish, potato cakes with bay leaves and nori. And then a chewy slice of sourdough, with a crisp crust.

Vegetable forward

Potato with kombu

The next two courses are great for vegetarians. White asparagus with sunflower greens and the namesake oxalis was full of flavor, even if you left the uni off. Then there was potato with wild garlic and kombu. We all had our own bowls of these dishes and ate every last bit.

There is some choice in the tasting menu

Fish in carrot sauce

The next two dishes were fish followed by meat. We had the monkfish, with carrot and sawtooth. But for the grilled beef, we got farro with spring greens that was on the a la carte bar menu.

Accommodating different tastes

One of our friends doesn’t like onions, so that was left off her beef. And there was no problem at all subbing out our beef.

Room for dessert

The Meyer lemon tart had caramelized white chocolate with spruce. Although this was not a dessert I would have chosen, I had no problem eating the whole thing.

Dessert, part 2

The white asparagus with oxalis

We were gifted with a second dessert that everyone ate too quickly to document. Homemade kit kat bars, with dark chocolate and sesame seeds.

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