Keep Your Friends Close: Mazda CX-30

No one getting up in your grille when you drive around the city

Everyone knows to keep friends close, and enemies closer. But in pandemic times, how can we stay close to friends – and family? Mazda makes it easy with a sporty crossover that fit our family of five (plus dog).

One of my kids has a Mazda3 and we definitely feel squeezed in it. The CX-30, with not much more room, gives the illusion of space. There’s definitely plenty of room for back seat passengers to stretch their legs, the hatchback easily transported our bikes, and the car got better than expected mileage. The AWD version that I drove for a week gets 32 miles per gallon on the highway.

Head in the clouds: popping out of the sunroof.

Keeping Our Cool

We went on a hike in upstate New York on the hottest day of the year so far. The AC cooled everyone, with vents in the back, and separate controls so the driver and passenger could dial up their ideal temperatures.

Hiking with a view

When we drove on a ‘cooler’ day (cool being a relative term in New York in July) we got great air flow with the sun roof.

High Tor State Park has miles of trails that don’t attract the crowds of nearby Harriman State Park. On our 5.2 mile hike, High and Low Tors, we passed a grand total of four people and three dogs. I have been an avid hiker for years, but I have new appreciation for the socially distanced exercise possible on a hike.

Water Time

beach wheelsandeats
All by myself; beach parking at Jacob Riis Park

On our hike, we had spectacular views of the Hudson River. But alas no water on the hike. On July 4th, an ever hotter day than the one before, we drove to Jacob Riis Park. The white sand beach has a long boardwalk and a restored Art Deco bathhouse.

We even got a bonus; the parking lot usually charges $10, but was free. And with a maximum 50% capacity, it was easy to park away from other cars.

Wheels on Wheels

Bike in the roomy trunk – ready for ad

I love biking around NYC, but lately everyone seems to be biking and the bike lanes are packed. With the Mazda CX-30, I tossed my bike in the back and drove to the shore (f Brooklyn). There I found miles of empty bike lanes. And a breeze, to boot. The seats split 60/40 and with creative maneuvering, or removing the bike’s front wheel, you can fit two bicycles.

My daughter took this photo while I drove across the Cuomo Bridge. The bike path is on the right.

Next time I go for a bike ride, I plan to bike the new pedestrian / cycling path on the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (the rebuilt Tappan Zee Bridge). The 3.6 mile path connects Westchester and Rockland counties.

Safety First

The Mazda has blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, radar cruise control with stop & go technology, smart brake support, high beam control, and lane departure warning system.  It also has rain sensing windshield wipers, a brilliant invention. And, of course, a wiper on the rear window.

The base price of AWD Mazda CX-30 is $29,600. The model I drove, with a $450 premium package also included a moon roof, power lift gate and leather sets.

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