How to Get Attention: Drive the Mustang Mach-E

When women get to a certain age, they suddenly become invisible. Walk into a store or cafe with your 20 something daughter and see who gets all the attention.

But if you want to be noticed, drive the Ford Mustang Mach-E.

At The Glass House in New Canaan, CT

Being seen isn’t everything. The Mach-E has it all.

It’s nice to be noticed. But it’s even better to drive this wonderful new car. The sporty, shiny, roomy and quiet Mustang Mach-E, Ford’s newest electric vehicle, gets about 270 miles on a full charge.

The Glass House has spectacular grounds

Meet the Neighbors

My block of row houses in Brooklyn has free street parking, if you can find it. Three people on my block drive Teslas and when the Ford associate showed up at my house with the Mustang, we immediately attracted a crowd. One onlooker, who lives a block away, told me she also has a street Tesla, and she offered to lend it to me any time I wanted. I had never seen her before. I have friends who don’t lend their own children their car and this complete stranger gave me her card and said to call when I needed her car.

But it wasn’t just wacky Park Slope environmentalists jazzed by the car. My friend and I drove to The Glass House in New Canaan, CT, and all the docent wanted to talk about was the car.

Easy to track the range left on the Mustang Mach-E

Everywhere I went, drivers and pedestrians waved to me, gave me the thumbs up, and motioned for me to open the window so they could chat about the car. Even when we drove up to Tuxedo, New York, to hike, fellow hikers coming off the trail just wanted to take pictures of the car and ask about it.

We drove another couple to this hiking trail in Tuxedo, NY and used only a few percentage points of range

What they wanted to know

How did it drive? [like a dream]

How much head room was there? [a lot. My 6 foot 4 inch friend rode in the back and was happy with the leg room AND the head room]

What does it cost? [About $42,000.Plus you get a $7,500 federal tax credit.]

The huge screen in the Mach-E makes backing up a breeze

How big is that screen? [The giant infotainment screen is a shopping 15.5 inches]

The Biggest Question: Where do you Charge?

Every time I drive an ev, people ask me where I charge it. My answer: do you have a gas station in your home? You typically have to drive somewhere to get gas, or charge.

Slowly filling up in a garage

If you have a garage, or just a driveway, it’s pretty easy. You can charge very very slowly plugged into an ordinary outlet. the Mustang gained about 3 miles in range for every hour we were plugged into my friend’s garage at the beach.

If you invest in a 220 outlet, or already have one for your clothes dryer, you can get a faster charge.

Then there are fast charging stations that you find with the Ford Pass app. You can search around your area for a fas charger, or plan head on a trip for where you will charge. I used a fast charger at a Walgreen’s near me. In under an hour, I ‘filled’ the car most of the way, going from 30% to 90%. An added bonus: here is no gas smell on your hands when you charge your car.

Coming soon in Brooklyn: street ev parking

The day after I returned the Mustang, a public charger appeared on a street near me. There’s no info yet on how drivers will access it – will other cars be forbidden from using this street parking?

Are you ready to switch to electric?


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