Easter Eggs and Spring Drives

Early spring drive with the Kia Sorento

Easter eggs are hidden features in cars. So when people ask me if it’s difficult to drive different cars all the time, I mention the fun of Easter egg hunting.

The Kia Sorento has a cool, maybe not so hidden feature. When you sit at a light and the person in front of you starts to drive, a message pops up. “The leading vehicle is driving away.” If you wait another beat, a little bell alerts you to put your foot on the gas.

Now, in NYC, this is not a needed feature. Your fellow drivers will helpfully alert you with a honk, a choice expletive or two, and maybe even an obscene gesture. But if you’re driving in, say Iowa or Minnesota, and a cornfield or cow captures your attention, the Kia’s little beep will jolt you back to reality.

Kia’s polite notification to give the car some gas

Taking Friends for a Ride

With more and more people getting vaccinated, seeing friends and family is becoming more normal again. We drove with vaccinated friends to Untermyer Park and Gardens, the ruins of an estate from the 1800s.

Just far enough away in the 3rd row

Going before trees leafed out meant we could see the Hudson River and Old Croton Aqueduct. There are woodland trails, and remnants of the gardens and staircases around the 43 acres.

I loved having the three rows so our friends could sit comfortably in the ‘way back,’ mask free, with the panoramic sunroof letting fresh air circulate and sunlight stream in.

Walled garden at Untermyer

The one touch folding and sliding 2nd row captain’s chairs meant our friends could get in and out easily. And they even had a 3rd row charging port.

The Kia Sorento has a ‘quiet cabin’ feature that lowers the volume of the music in the rear so you still have great audio throughout and the passengers don’t have to shout over the music. No luck muting your kids in the back if they are squabbling, though.

Day of Art

Storm King sculpture

Storm King Art Center combines hiking and art. The outdoor museum has 500 acres of forest, hills, meadows and streams. We were able to eat lunch at picnic tables.

The outdoor sculptures include site specific pieces like a stone wall the curves along a path, and dissolves into a stream, starting up again on the other side.

Korean Feast

The Insa feast

During the pandemic, we have picked up dinner at a local restaurant at least once a week. Since I was diving a Korean brand, I thought it only appropriate that we order up a feast from Insa, a Korean BBQ restaurant and Karaoke bar nearby. We got tofu bibimbap, sweet potato noodles, seafood stew with spicy rice cakes, wild mushrooms with a honey glaze and a trio of pickled snacks.

Luxury for under 40K

The stylish Kia Sorento interior

The fully loaded 2021 Kia Sorento has wireless charging, wireless Apple CarPlay, heated front seats and stylish metal accent trim. Even with a special paint color, Runway Red, the Kia was $38,000. And with hybrid model getting over 37 miles per gallon, your fuel costs are low.

Note: Kia loaned me the Sorento for this review. Opinions expressed are my own.

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