Eating our Way through Montreal

When Air Canada canceled our flight and we lost an entire day of eating in Montreal, I panicked. How would we ever eat at all the places we had planned?

We feel short but we still managed to cram in a lot of food, with some sightseeing to break up the chewing.

Montreal Bagels

Sesame seed Fairmount bagel

As a snobbish New Yorker, I think my local bagels are the best. But Montreal bagels , an entirely different carb – smaller and a bit sweeter, baked in a wood-fired oven- are also delicious.

With our limited time, we were only able to sample a Fairmount Bagel. The bagel has a great chew, tender interior and just the right ratio of crust to inside.

Canadians don’t know what to put on a bagel – we were offered cream cheese WITH butter, and chose neither. We picked up some gouda and had cheese on the bagel. Yum.


Vegan ‘cheesesteak’ and poutine at Lola Rosa

This dish of fries, cheese curds and meat gravy had a vegan version at the plant based Lola Rosa. The fries were covered in a rich tasting bean and mushroom gravy with lots of button mushrooms on top.

We had the poutine with a ‘cheesesteak’ of thinly sliced plant based meat, caramelized onions and jalapeño cashew cream.

Crowds at jazz fest, right near Lola Rosa

Lola Rosa is right on a pedestrian boulevard, so we could see all of Montreal go by. Jazz fest concerts were just down the block, so after dinner we heard a free concert.

Where to Stay (and Eat)

Pasta with mushrooms and trufle oil

We stayed at the new Hampton Inn, right near the Convention Center and Chinatown. The hotel has a rooftop pool, with hot tubs, overlooking downtown Montreal.

The hotel has a very popular restaurant, Tiramisu, which was packed late Saturday and Sunday night. We enjoyed a fantastic smoked plum Negroni, mushroom pasta with truffle oil and a wood baked white pizza with arugula and fresh figs.

Van Gogh

Van Gogh – Distorsion

We strolled over to the Montreal Convention Center on one of our eating breaks to see the world premiere of Van Gogh – Distorsion. This immersive exhibit brings you inside Van Gogh’s paintings, using laser projectors and surround-sound speakers.

Time Out Market

Mezze from Mezzmiz

I love a food hall, and Time Out Market Montreal was a great place to sample some local food.

We had creamy hummus with za’atar pita, along with a tasty lentil pomegranate stew from Mezzmiz. At Marusan, we got vegetable curry with fried tofu fritters.

We took a walking tour of the Old City with Guidatour. The 90 minute tour highlighted the historic architecture of this beautiful city and left me dreaming of my next trip to Montreal,

Note: I won – WON! – this trip to Montreal, and was a guest of Bonjour Quebec and Tourisme Montreal.



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